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When you choose a restaurant, you expect to find something typical and local in your dish. This is why it is essential to know every manufacturer, every cheese, every vegetable or raw material from your region.

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"Michelangelo does not take the risk of stagnating in a whirlwind of gastronomic fashions and scenarios involving pretentious kitchens or façades, with stylistic ambitions that have been copied around. On the contrary, he presents a profile of surprising maturity: highly rigorous, millimetric in the composition of each combination of elements and employing technical expertise of the highest complexity, without using scenic embellishments for their own sake.”

Lorenzo Sandano

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Our country is a treasure chest of goodness, we have an incredible amount of variations and typicality. A specific type of fruit, for example, can take on completely different organoleptic characteristics if grown in a specific soil, in a specific climate, rather than in another.

This is why you need to keep your eyes open, even during a simple walk, because you never know where and when one of these delicacies will reveal itself to you. After all, guests want to have a unique gastronomic experience, so it is necessary to find products that are unfamiliar to them, perhaps creating new taste panoramas in them.

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